Welcome to the SzEEDSM Doctoral Program in Business Administration Sciences

The Doctoral Program in Business Administration Sciences (SZEEDSM) is an integral part of the Doctoral School of Regional and Business Administration Sciences of the Széchenyi István University. It was founded and launched in 2016 with a unique feature of a transdisciplinary approach to researching complex social problems. It is the first full-fledged, international doctoral program in the field of business administration delivered in English. It operates with the participation of home faculty members and international visiting professors and supervisors.

In addition to the traditional business administration approaches, the Doctoral Program offers transdisciplinary methods corroborating the efficiency of using different, subtle theoretical lenses in developing analyses of diverse phenomena to be understood within an academic research framework.

The SzEEDSM Doctoral Program amplifies the message that our Doctoral School is the right academic environment where the seeds of knowledge are sown and well-trained scholars and practitioners will be the yield at the end of the program. The ultimate goal of our program is to enable doctoral students to become leaders of change in their communities both in academia and in the corporate world.


László Imre Komlósi

Director of the Doctoral Program