Financial transactions in NEPTUN

Information about handling the financial transactions in the NEPTUN system

The management of the financial transactions can be done through the NEPTUN system, and it is not possible to pay with check or cash deposit in our institution

In NEPTUN system, firstly payment obligations must be transferred to the university’s collecting account, then in the menu of “finances”, all payments can be found in “payment”.

In case you would like to make a transaction, the following bank account

Bank Account number: 10300002-10801842-00024907

Name of Bank: MKB Bank Nyrt.

Beneficiary: Széchenyi István Egyetem

must be used for transferring the fees. In “notice for transfer” please enter the following: NK-NEPTUN CODE NAME

After a couple of work days the amount will be accounted to your platform.


When you see the transfer on your NEPTUN system’s balance, you still have to choose the correct title you would like the amount to be transferred.

You can choose from the following items:

  • “IV díj” (re-take exam)
  • “külön eljárási díj” (special fees)
  • “tandíj” (tution fee)…

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