Positioning (Vision, Mission, Values)

By 2020, Széchenyi István University envisions to have an enlarged international visibility and increased international embeddedness by strengthening the PhD education and encouraging exchange programs for students and professionals. SzEEDSM (Széchenyi Egyetem Doctoral School in Management) is an important pillar to carry out this vision.

In SzEEDSM, our mission is to provide locally accessible, globally relevant knowledge and help our students to become outstanding professionals in their chosen fields.

Our Value System is based on the following pillars:

Cooperation: A developed industrial atmosphere and Győr’s historical past make it possible to work together with local economic actors. Our institution is constantly expanding the scope and directions of cooperation. In this we involve our students in various interactive tasks.

Openness: We are open to international relations. We enlarge the common knowledge base continuously with our international partner institutions. Our students are offered to take part in this process in the form of international study visits and special courses.

Pioneer Spirit and Dynamism: As an effect of the above mentioned two pillars and the dynamic economic environment we put significant emphasis on searching for new solutions and following the newest trends and technologies in education. In addition we hold in high regard and represent entrepreneurial spirit and values.

Minutes of the SzEEDSM Steering Committee are available here.