Language requirements

(1)     The language requirements change according to the doctoral programs:

a)      regional program,

b)      SEEDSM doctoral program requires a high level of language skills in written and oral form.

(2)     The doctoral thesis defense regarding the regional program requires at least two complex language exams according to the following:

a)      The working language is defined by doctoral school’s disciplinary doctoral board, which requires a minimum intermediate complex state-accredited language exam or equivalent certificate.

b)      A minimum basic level state-accredited language exam from the languages defined by the doctoral school’s disciplinary doctoral board.

Regarding the English Economic- and Management Science program it is possible the dissertation may be done in Hungarian in exceptional cases, and only with the permission of the leader of the program.


(3) The confirmation of the required foreign language knowledge, which is needed for the doctoral thesis defense, is provided along with the admission by the secretary of the doctoral school.


(4) The doctoral school’s disciplinary doctoral board defines the working language requirements according to the programs.


(5) Those foreign candidates with non-Hungarian native language knowledge must certify their knowledge of another foreign language apart from their native language. Foreign candidates with Hungarian native language must apply with regards to the general requirements.