András Nemeslaki - Research expertives


National Development Agency of Hungary

Research Unit Leader

Innovation, networking and ICT – ICT role in innovation networks and ecosystems

Subproject involving Sociology, Economics and Information System experts in the framework of the project titled: “Increasing the research and innovation potential of Corvinus University of Budapest by creating 5 interdisciplinary excellence centers (TÁMOP 4.2.1.B-09/1/KMR-2010-0005)”


European Commission,

Directorate General for Education and Culture

From 03-2010

to 01-2011

10 Months

Senior Researcher

N° EAC/47/2009 “Feasibility study to examine the potential need for a student lending facility at European level”, Joint research project leaded by LSE and PPMI


The overall policy objective is “to make lifelong learning and mobility a reality, by reducing financial barriers”. This Study investigates options for the feasibility of establishing a pan-EU student lending scheme in support of learning mobility, building upon earlier research in this area. Specific objectives of the research are (1) to undertake a review of existing student financial support; then (2) to evaluate where Community added value may exist in developing a lending facility to complement national/regional schemes in support of mobility. (3) Where added value is demonstrated, to investigate the feasibility for the establishment of a student lending facility at EU/EEA level.



National Development Agency of Hungary

Research Leader

Strengthening the international competitiveness of Corvinus University of Budapest (TÁMOP-4.2.3-08/1/KMR-2009-004)

Conceptually leading and coordinating the international and academic research dissemination strategy of CUB through 10 sub-projects involving 6 Faculties and the International Office.

2003 – present

CEMS Faculty Group

Co-Director of the Faculty Group of ICT and Enterprise Networking in CEMS

The Faculty Group is involved in research and program development in the CEMS MIM program. Members come from several CEMS universities. Apart from teaching the research is mainly focused on Ph.D. Workshops for young faculty in the area of networking and communication technologies. Ph.D. Workshops have been organized in the following places:

  • 2006 Budapest, Corvinus
  • 2007 Dublin, University College Dublin
  • 2008 Leiden, University of Leiden
  • 2009 Helsinki, Helsinki School of Economics