Our course “Methodology of Transdisciplinarity” offers the study of the methodology of transdisciplinarity, with applications to exact and human sciences and to the real-world solving problems. We analyze the sources of the three postulates of transdisciplinarity - levels of Reality, logic of the included middle and complexity – not only in quantum physics and quantum cosmology but also in other fields of knowledge. I will finally describe the perspectives of applications of transdisciplinarity in different fields of knowledge.

Main topics of the course are:

-          Quantum physics – exemplar case of the scientific methodology.

-          Classical realism and quantum realism.

-          The bootstrap principle.

-          Elements of history of transdisciplinarity.

-          The basic documents of transdisciplinarity.

-          The ontological postulate of transdisciplinarity – levels of Reality.

-          Classical logic and quantum logic.

-          The logic postulate of transdisciplinarity – the logic of the included middle.

-          The epistemological postulate of transdisciplinarity – complexity.